Nude Fitness Girls

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Nude Fitness Girls

We’re going to talk about nude fitness girls here.
Nude fit women are sexy, not masculine. Conversely, I see some women who get bulked up like a guy. However, bulky is not sexy.

As usual, click the image to see a larger version or a close up shot if it’s available.

The female form is beautiful. A well-toned girl is especially alluring, and pics of naked or almost naked fitness girls wearing skin-tight clothes can keep you up too late at night.


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I’m not even going to get into what I think about well-toned, scantily-dressed, women who are dripping sweat. I can say that the thought of it makes me very thirsty. Thirsty for something somewhat salty – like sweat.

Fit Women Get Noticed

Even other women are visually attracted to pretty girls because the female form is so beautiful, I often say.

I suspect that they feel a mix of envy and wishful thinking even though they’re not sexually attracted to her. Maybe not sexually attracted anyway – there again, maybe they are.


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After viewing the nude fitness girls images, we think you will agree that attraction is unavoidable, at least on some level.

Do this the next time you are at the gym or the grocery store:
Pick out a really hot, fit woman and notice the other girls as she passes by.

They notice her too – their eyes will follow her until she is out of sight.

They take notice of her without doubt. Many of us guys do find them sexually attractive, obviously. Women might deny it, but I suspect that they find sexy fit women attractive too.

Fit, But Feminine; That Is

Attraction goes right out the window if the girl is too toned or overly fit. By too fit, I mean bulked up like a male body builder.

Our nude fitness girls pics don’t cross that line because we limit our pics to fit but sexy women who have retained their femininity. Men can just work out since we don’t worry much about getting “too fit” or too bulky. But women have to strike a muscular balance if they want to be fit but still feminine.

Let me share a story because it illustrates what I mean:

I was in some big box store once a few years ago. I saw a woman way down the aisle approaching me. She was pushing a shopping cart in my direction. I saw her coming from a distance. Her poise was obvious.

She was lean and tight and dressed in active attire. Her shape was incredible – that obviously well-toned girl really caught my eye. She looked better the closer she got. I decided how to approach her, then it was like somebody threw a bucket of cold water in my face, causing:

Fantasy And Reality To Collide:

I saw her extended arms from three or four feet away.
They looked like mine.

Imagining those masculine-looking arms wrapped around me made me shiver to my core. Consequently, I changed from aroused to repelled instantly. As a result, I avoided eye contact completely as I walked right past her.

She took things too far, IMO. That woman passed the fit but feminine mile marker and she kept on going without looking back over her all too muscular shoulders. Therefore, she had become way too bulked up and man-like.

She was so guy-like, I bet she even quit having her periods. Consequently, here on this site; we don’t showcase fit women who have sacrificed their femininity to too many reps. We show pictures of nude fitness girls who are very much sexy and feminine, since we admire the female form.

We’ve got pictures of sexy fit women who are serious athletes; and we’ve also got pictures of sexy fit women who just take good care of themselves.

Some of our sexy fit women are wearing yoga pants, many are wearing swimsuits, some are wearing next to nothing; but the common denominator is this:

Whatever they are wearing, they wear it well because of what they’re hanging it on.

I think we all look better when we’re a little lean and tight. We shouldn’t be obese, certainly. Obesity is unhealthy, after all. And we should have some balance and symmetry. I prefer toned women even if they are a little big; although big women are beautiful too.

Nude Fitness Girls – Our Goal Here

We present pictures of  a wide variety of athletic women and also somewhat toned women on this page. We feature small and lean women, and large but toned too. You can admire nude fit women and semi-nude women too.

So check out the nude fit women galleries below, because you will find something that you like.

And look – leave a comment if you feel like it, because we want to know how we’re doing and how you like the sexy fit women pics at Naked Girls Pics. Also, you can let us know if there something else you’d like to see that we don’t have. Because we’re always updating and adding to the site – if we can include something else, we’d like to know.

Nude, Fit Women – And More…

So take a few minutes, also be sure to check out some of the other pages here at Naked Girls Pics besides the nude fitness girls page. We’ve spent a lot of time putting up galleries of all kinds of hot women in all kinds of different situations. In other words, you’re going to like they way they look.

Thanks for visiting!

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I’m not even going to ask if you liked the nude fitness girls images – I’m sure you did because those nude fit women are hot.

But as hot as they are, there’s more to pretty girls than just being toned.
Sometimes, it’s not even about the raw sexiness;
it’s about the situation that they’re in.

Take upskirt pictures for instance.
Or maybe some downblouse pics.
Alternatively, how about some hot camel toe images?

You get the picture – and we’ve got the pictures – hundreds of them.
Additionally, they’re all free all the time; right here for your viewing pleasure.

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