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Hot Military Girls Pics

Hot military girls really do something for me; likewise hot female cops.

  • They’re young and lean.
  • They’re in good physical condition.
  • They handle weapons, all while looking awesome.

There’s just something about sexy babes in uniform.

Like always – click the image to see a larger version where it exists.

Additionally, I think the same thing can be said about hot female cops.

There’s just something about a hottie with a gun and badge that I find really sexy. At least as long as she’s not pointing the gun at me or reading me my rights next to her patrol car anyway. You may feel that way too after you see these hot female cops and military girls and other babes in uniform galleries.

Other Hot Women In Uniform Pics

And yeah – I threw in a few hot female cop pics too because I wouldn’t mind being frisked by some of them. Please pardon me if I accidentally put in an image or two of females soldiers instead of cops. Likewise if I inadvertently included an actress or two instead of the real deal.

I guess maybe I erred because the hotness clouded my judgement – I hope you won’t mind the oversight – besides; they’re still hot.

At any rate – there’s more hot female cop pics in the main gallery down below.

Now here’s the deal:
I’ve spent a lot of time looking at military girls from all around the globe.

Obviously, countries wherein the women are just hot to begin with are going to have a lot of hot military girls. But there is a phenomenon I’ve been noticing for years that I haven’t quite figured out. Not to take anything away from the pretty female soldiers anywhere else, but I keep seeing this:

Israeli female soldiers are just the hottest military girls anywhere in the world.

Here’s a comparison:

Israeli Women:


Hot Military Girls: The Israeli Factor:

I know the natural beauty of women in that part of the world is part of it. Indian women for example are just stunningly beautiful. Additionally, I know that their lean athletic bodies are part of it too. As is their youth. But there’s more too the hotness of these sexy babes in uniform than that – an external factor apart from the youth and beauty.

For instance, I think there’s something about those uniforms too that contributes to the sexiness of hot military girls, particularly in Israel.

hot military girls inline image blonde israeli girl in tight uniformAlso, I think the Israelis design uniforms for their women that just accent the curves. They also seem to fit kind of low and tight around the waist, enhancing the female form.

I mean, just look at that little cutie to the left.

The Israelis have got to be designing the uniforms for their female soldiers with an eye on having the sexiest female soldiers on the planet – because they do have the hottest military girls on the planet.

The pants appear to be cut low to the waist. Consequently, they fit tightly and show off those female curves. I suppose that creating distractions on the battlefield is a valid operational strategy, therefore; fielding sexy babes in uniform might just work.

It can’t be an accident; therefore; I think we have an explanation as to why the Israeli military girls are such smoking hot sexy babes in uniform.

Hot Military Girls – Israeli Hotness Explained:

hot military girls on couch

It may be all about who is in the uniforms; but there is the matter of form following function following presentation. Also, I notice that in a lot of their pictures – these female soldiers are hugging and kissing each other. One will be sitting on a couch or chair, and another will be laying there with her head in the other girl’s lap.


hot military girls sitting closelyThey’re hot military girls before the discussion even gets started, just to clarify. Then, they’re in uniforms that accent their curves. In addition to that, they’re hugging, kissing or otherwise touching other hot, young, female soldiers who are dressed just like they are. I seriously believe that all Israeli women entering the military undergo extensive hotness training, because; look at them.

Just damn.

Additionally, don’t try to tell me that there is nothing overtly sexual or erotic about those pictures, because I’m a guy; you’ll be wasting your time.

But whatever the case may be, I do think that Israeli women are some of the most attractive women on the planet, and the Israelis have the sexiest military women alive as well, just because.

But let’s not take that to mean that the rest of the nations on the planet are under represented, because their military women certainly got the memo about looking sharp and dead sexy too.

The Proof Is In The Photos

Consequently, the galleries here feature a lot of Israeli girls. In other words, smoking hot babes in uniform seems to be the rule in the Israeli Defense Force, so we’ve got lots of them.

But don’t take that to mean that other hot female soldiers from around the world aren’t represented – because they certainly are.

Damn but those guys have something to fight for. I’m thinking about seeing if I can volunteer for weekend service, I just have to work out the whole commute issue since it’s more than just a short hop.

There are of course hot military girls from the world over pictured here because they should be. Since they’re hot too. Meanwhile, take your time and look around – no need to hurry, we’re open all night.

Also – if you have some pics of hot military women, or hot female cops – any other babes in uniform – send them to us because we’d love to add them to this collection.

Hot Military Girls And More:

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You know, this whole site started out as a site about hot women in uniforms.

However, at some point along the way, we had a moment of clarity that resulted in this realization:

Sexy women look hot even if they’re not wearing uniforms. On the other hand, we’ve noticed that a lot of women look pretty OK naked, too. Maybe even most of them, for instance.

But once that settled in, we added a bunch of other pages of hot girls – and just your average, everyday housewife and neighbor type girls – in all sorts of sexy or erotic photo ops.

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