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This page is dedicated to girls caught naked. Hot girls caught nude and super-surprised ENF Nudes; all for your viewing pleasure.

Just click the images of the surprised naked girls to see them larger or closer up.

These girls unwittingly became embarrassed nude females because they were caught nude and photographed unexpectedly. They never imagined that somebody might pop in and start taking pictures of them while they were in the altogether.

Fortunately, someone did!

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ENF Nudes?


Caught nude pics (also called Embarrassed Nude Female or ENF Nudes) are great little candid snaps They are photos taken by boyfriends or girlfriends with impeccable timing. Consequently, girls caught naked pictures catch their unsuspecting subjects in the act of bathing, showering, changing clothes; or some other activity that has them naked, braless or undressing.

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But a lot of these hot girls look as much amused as they do surprised or shocked.
Sometimes, they look mad as hell too; however. Often times, they look like they’re taking it like good sports. Of course, at that moment in time; it probably hasn’t yet occurred to them that their caught nude pics are going to end up on the interwebs for all of eternity. But no matter – the pictures are captured for everyone to see.

However, there’s more to it than that:

These girls didn’t expect to be caught naked on camera. Additionally, they didn’t  expect for those pictures to be posted online either. They’re pissed because eventually, they realize their images will be available for all to see until the end of time.


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Think about it:
These youthful, hot, surprised images will still be floating around out on the web for all to enjoy long after the girls pictured in them have become old and grey.

Meanwhile, more pictures of the same girls might also show up in vintage nudes, MILF nudes and mature pics!


Essentially, that makes them:

Frozen In Time – Girls Caught Naked Forever!


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If pictures of your girlfriend appear all over the web in voyeur images, well; you have to decide what that means to you. I might start checking out local restroom walls because I’d want to see if her phone number shows up all over the place too.

The topic of the moment retains our focus, however. Pretty young women caught naked and surprised.

Consider these scenarios:

  • Nude females surprised in the shower.
  • Naked girls photographed while dressing or undressing.
  • Friends pranked some of these girls – they exposed them while someone snapped a picture.

The Ethical Implications of Caught Naked Pics:

You thought I was serious about “ethical implications”, didn’t you?

But it’s all just in good-natured, clean harmless fun.
Because we are having fun; anyway.

Some of these girls appear pissed off, obviously.

Understandably so – girls caught naked on camera unwillingly can get angry. In reality, I bet they only thought they were angry at first. They surely entered a realm of pissed-off never seen before afterwards. Their naked pictures exist online now. Imagine this: somebody sends you a link to a site like The Chive. You open it and start browsing. Then you see it. You. Naked. I suspect you will take notice of that since you sort of look familiar.

Ironically – and maybe it’s wrong to feel this way – but it’s the ones who look genuinely shocked or surprised that I enjoy the most. Some of the hot girls caught naked pics or ENF nudes that you see online were obviously staged or posed. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll take pictures of hot girls caught naked wherever I find them, but it’s the candid, spur of the moment snaps that I most enjoy.

But we’ll discuss the moral and ethical implications of posting naked pictures of your girlfriend on the web later. In reality, we won’t discuss it at all. Just do it, as they say. However, make sure there’s nothing illegal about it though. Then, just do it. We are waiting.

Meanwhile, we admire and appreciate the titillating images. Someone caught these images at that one special moment in time. Consequently, their naked glory is exposed online forever. They’re forever hot, naked and surprised here on the WWW because age can’t touch them in that moment now.

But What About You?

So how about you?
Have you ever managed to catch a girl nude and snap a picture or two?

How did she react – amused, pissed off, nonchalant?

We’d really like to hear your story, consequently; let us know if you have one and a minute to share it.

Moreover, leave a comment below and let us know the details if you’ve ever caught a girl nude and snapped a picture.

Better yet, send us the picture since we have room for more!

Meanwhile, browse around – enjoy the always surprised and sometimes mad girls caught in the raw pics here at Naked Girls Pics.

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Don’t you just love pictures of girls caught naked by surprise?

Some of them look shocked.
But quite a few of them look amused.
And subsequently; a few others look really pissed off.

But just imagine how pissed they would have been if they had known their naked selves would be plastered all over the internet for people like us to enjoy for the rest of time.

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