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Bikini Pics

There’s nothing more American than hot girls in bikinis, and the Bikini Pics page aims to prove that sexy bikini girls never go out of style.

The bikini wasn’t invented in America – I have to point that out.
Also, an American did not invent it.

Just click the images to see a larger version where available.

But all of that is beside the point because American girls wear them well as the bikini pics on this page will prove.

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I guess they all do, really; so because of that; let’s quit worrying about were they were invented and just be glad that they were.

Let’s also be pretty appreciative for cameras – otherwise, there would be no women wearing bikinis pictured in magazines or on sites like this one.

The Bikini Is Born

I must clarify though for the record:
A Frenchman invented the bikini.

Also, he was an automotive engineer, no less.

I guess it took a serious intellect and years of technical training to figure out how to make tiny little bands of fabric cover only the areas that had to be covered in order to stay out of jail.

“E = MC Almost Naked”, or something really scientific sounding like that must be the formula, because it’s complicated; after all. It’s automotive engineering at it’s best, I’d say.

That’s right – a French automotive engineer named Louis Reard introduced the bikini in 1946. The concept was due in part to fabric rationing during and immediately after WWII.

So now we can’t claim that nothing good came out of that conflict – and we have sexy bikini girls pics to prove it.

Now I’ve often wondered – how many years of schooling had Monsieur Reard completed before he noticed that a lot of women – in fact, almost all of them – look especially appealing when wearing next to nothing?


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I mean, was he still an undergraduate?
Perhaps he had completed his general studies and therefore started doing his technical training? I’m guessing it was the latter.

Also, I think you’d have to be a pretty highly educated guy before you’d be able to look beyond the technical functionality of the female form and come to this realization:

Looking at nearly naked women evokes certain strong feelings.
In your pants.

What! No Bikini Pics???!!!

But did you know that the bikini was almost a flat-out failure?

No kidding.

Watching hot bikini girls frolicking in the surf or lounging around on the beach wasn’t a national pastime yet, but that was about to change. Monsieur Reard, being an automotive engineer, originally designed the bikini as work attire. Obviously, he envisioned thousands and thousands of French automotive workers clad only in bikinis working in the car factories.

However, this was for practical purposes that had nothing to do with looking at sexy bikini girls. In those days, air conditioning was still pretty rare and quite expensive. So the goal was to provide comfortable warm-weather uniforms for the laborers in the plants.

But you have to remember that this was 1946. At that time, men comprised about 92% of the workforce not involving prostitution. They also accounted for about 99% of illegal sex acts, but they did them for free so it wasn’t technically prostitution. But a lot of those guys just did not warm up to the idea of wearing bikinis to work. Also at that time, nobody had yet imagined women wearing bikinis.

However, we’re talking about Frenchmen here. Although open minded about such things, Frenchmen have their limits.

The problem however, was that factory workers from other industries like coal mining, farming and slaughter houses; stared at them in their local pubs after work.

In addition to that, some of those guys even made fun of the auto workers in their new work attire. Part of that no doubt, was just jealousy or envy since they were still wearing the outdated and unattractive “work clothes” of the day.

But can you even imagine that sort of crass behavior?

The Bikini Prevails

But just as Monsieur Reard was about to throw in the towel and give up on the bikini; something incredible – a life changing event – occurred:

He saw a woman naked.

His advanced technical education kicked in, therefore after a few days spent in logical consideration; he empirically determined that women – especially French women – look exceedingly good naked. Now back in those days, women walking around naked in public wasn’t quite as common as it is today in spite of male opinion and support, and therein lay the angle that would salvage the bikini – women wearing them are not technically “naked”.

So the bikini was born and entered the mainstream. Consequently, hot bikini girls quickly started showing up in public. All of which therefore serves as powerful evidence that there is a God. And that God is, apparently; a guy.

Consequently, enjoy the bikini pics and the hot bikini girls wearing them on this page. Obviously, we have old-style bikinis that used way more fabric than the ones we have today. Additionally, we have string bikinis, sheer bikinis and every other type and style that you can imagine.

Thanks for reading – be sure to check back because we update often.

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